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Call for tenders:

Development of the LIFE ASAP New Data Solution (OPCC Tool 2.0)
WWF’s LIFE ASAP project (“LIFE Accelerated Sub-national Climate Action & Participation through One Planet City Challenge”), aims to expedite the implementation of EU climate policies, legislation, and the European Climate Pact. It focuses on facilitating city-level climate action planning, enhancing monitoring processes, and providing independent climate policy assessment and advice to cities. The project supports policy-based public engagement and encourages bold local action in accordance with the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

This project is being lead and coordinated by WWF Sweden and is developed in close collaboration with three National Offices: (i) Asociatia WWF Romania (WWF Romania), (ii) Associacao Natureza Portugal (ANP) and (iii) WWF Vilag Termeszeti Alap Magyarorszag Alapitvany (WWF Hungary).

In the framework of the project, WWF Sweden invites all natural and legal persons from the European Union, European Economic Area and Stabilisation and Association Agreements countries to participate in a selective procurement procedure to select the consultant in charge of developing the LIFE ASAP New Data Solution, also known as “the OPCC Tool 2.0”.

The OPCC Tool 2.0 will utilize publicly available climate data and information from Joint Research Centre Data Catalogue and CDP Open Data Portal, employing a similar algorithm logic as the current OPCC Tool. The tool will be hosted in a fit for purpose subdomain and redirected to the WWF OPCC website, offering differentiated access levels (i.e., restricted, semi-restricted, and unrestricted) for city authorities, LIFE Partner organizations, and interested parties. To enhance the development of OPCC Tool 2.0, the tool will utilize a comprehensive collection of European datasets containing publicly available climate data and information from various cities. These datasets will be procured from reputable non-profit disclosure systems i.e., MyCovenant and CDP-ICLEI Track. It will provide aggregated visualizations, comparative analysis, and the ability to generate summary reports in both PPT and PDF formats. To further enrich the assessment process, the tool will seamlessly integrate purposefully pre-constructed complementary datasets (reference data tables) derived from publicly available information. It is worth noting that the tool will possess the capability to seamlessly integrate and process datasets from different sources, ensuring compatibility regardless of their origin.

Interested natural and legal persons are invited to submit their tenders as described in the Terms of Reference. The deadline for submission of tenders is 27 November 2023 (until midnight Swedish time). Tenders should be sent to the following e-mail address: procurement-opcctool@wwf.se with the following reference in subject: “Tender: OPCC Tool 2.0 procurement process”. Any queries regarding the Terms of Reference can be submitted to the same e-mail address by 06 November 2023, with the following reference in subject: “Queries: OPCC Tool 2.0 procurement process”.

Queries and tenders addressed to any other email address will not be responded to or evaluated.

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Details about the procurement process

For more detailed information about the procurement process of LIFE ASAP – Develop the LIFE ASAP New Data Solution (OPCC Tool 2.0) withing the One Planet City Challenge, please read the terms of reference linked below.

Terms of Reference

Contact person:

Anthony Pearce, Programme Manager Mat, Klimat & Energi
Tabaré Currás , Expert WWF Cities

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Senast ändrad 30/10/23

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